An Unexpected Surprise…

There are a number of things that can surprise you when you’re traveling – not all of them good – but when my husband and I recently lost a combined 110 pounds thanks to the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris, we were surprised at the changes we experienced while traveling. I never thought of myself as obese (though the Wii says otherwise) and I have always been strong, haven’t had any trouble climbing 160 steps to the top of a tower (or no more than anyone else did!) and I traveled “comfortably”.

Before the Weight Loss - Traveling to Ireland

Well, I thought I was comfortable… now that I’ve lost 54 pounds, turns out that it is possible to travel even more comfortably than I was before. I no longer have lap children – we have to buy their seats – but that doesn’t mean they sit in their seats the entire flight. The leaner me fits into my seat better, with room to spare on either side, can keep a child on my lap without feeling like they’re being crowded into the seat in front of us, and I just feel better.

Not only that, I can still walk up 160 stairs without getting more tired than the next person, fit in the small curving staircase a bit better AND can accomplish it while carrying or wearing a child.

Our clothes are smaller so they take up less space in the suitcase, enabling me to pack even LESS!! Which you all know, it is a goal of mine to pack less every time we travel.

What a surprise, I never thought something as small as losing some weight could make such a huge difference.