It’s Not Too Late To Travel The World

I didn’t catch the overseas travel bug until I thought it was too late. I’d dreamed of traveling to other lands, but had never bothered to make it happen. When friends invited us to Vienna, we were already expecting our first son. Certainly we wouldn’t be able to take other trips like this after he was born?

That trip to Vienna was better than I could have expected. The history, the culture, the food – I wanted to experience more of it. My wife, who had been quite a few more places than I, didn’t need convincing. So when the same friends invited us and our not-quite one-year-old to Madrid, we rolled the dice.

And guess what? There were some extra logistics, but we had a great time. In many ways the experience was even better for daring it with a baby.

We’re not here to tell you that traveling with kids is the only way to do it. And we’re not telling you that you must. But if you’ve dreamed of seeing the world, you need to know that you can. And that your kids will be the better for it. And that you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen.

Traveling – all kinds of adventurous, exciting, crazy traveling – can be done as a family. You’ll spend time together. You’ll share experiences with each other. And you’ll love it.

We realized during that trip how little we knew about making it work. Mostly, we just needed help figuring out what was OK. Eight countries and counting and we’re still learning. We think we have something to share, and that maybe together we overcome the fear that so many have around family travel. And maybe you too can catch the travel bug too late – FamVoyage!

Hello world!

Do you travel with your kids? No? Why?? Is it because someone once told you, travel now because once you have kids you can’t travel? We were told that, on more than one occasion – but do you know what we do? We travel with our kids! Before our first child was 1, he had been on 12 flights. By the time he was 2 he had a bunch more under his belt. Our second son has been on par with the first in terms of travel, reaching the same number of countries visited by the time he turned two! On almost every trip we take, someone comments how great our kids are. It isn’t because they’re just really good boys (they are) but because we take them on our trips. We let them experience traveling with us and we have high expectations of good behavior. We love traveling with our kids and we think you should too. We are going to give you the tips and time-tested hints to do it!! Traveling with your kids is awesome, visiting new places is a lot of fun! Get out there an experience the world – with your kids!!