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Do you travel with your kids? No? Why?? Is it because someone once told you, travel now because once you have kids you can’t travel? We were told that, on more than one occasion – but do you know what we do? We travel with our kids! Before our first child was 1, he had been on 12 flights. By the time he was 2 he had a bunch more under his belt. Our second son has been on par with the first in terms of travel, reaching the same number of countries visited by the time he turned two! On almost every trip we take, someone comments how great our kids are. It isn’t because they’re just really good boys (they are) but because we take them on our trips. We let them experience traveling with us and we have high expectations of good behavior. We love traveling with our kids and we think you should too. We are going to give you the tips and time-tested hints to do it!! Traveling with your kids is awesome, visiting new places is a lot of fun! Get out there an experience the world – with your kids!!


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We love traveling with our kids. People have said, and I'm sure you've heard it before, once you have kids you can kiss traveling goodbye. There is no reason to do that! Traveling with kids can be the most rewarding experience. Experiencing different cultures, food and rituals as a family can bring you together, provide a learning experience and be a lot of fun.

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