Sometimes Life Intervenes

On my last post, I mentioned that our next flight would be to visit some family in California. While that trip is still on, an unexpected death in the family requires a flight later this week. With this trip there is great sadness but also the opportunity to see some seldom visited family and spend important time together.

As these things often do, the events of the last couple of days have me thinking.

This is known by most of you, I’m sure – not all family travel is exotic. It can range everywhere from a short drive to go camping, to a journey to visit family, to a round-the-world adventure. Even each of those types of trips can vary widely. But the skills and confidence you pick up from any of these really can be transferred to a variety of difficult or fun travel (life!) situations.

The most fun stories will be those that focus on the adventures. And even seemingly minor travel details take on a new light when you are on a BIG TRIP. But the skills can be widely applied. So even if you are only going a few miles away, we do hope you’ll read on. Who knows where the story will take us?

For now, appreciate the time spent together as a family.

Next time, a lighter topic…

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