And then a train ride??

My kids never fail to amaze me. They have joined us on more trips than we’ve taken without them and I wouldn’t change that at all. After traveling so much they’ve come to understand the process we follow every time we leave. Not the most unusual going, right? Everyone gets used to the routine but what is great about this is it makes each trip easier.

On our most recent trip standing in line at security on the way home my 2 year old looked at me and said “ride train next?” I was very surprised by the question, taking for granted that he is starting to understand the process of traveling. I did have to explain that we wouldn’t ride a train in that airport but that we would once we landed back home. He accepted the explanation and it was our turn to go through the scanner.

Later, in that same airport, we were standing by the gate and he looked up at me and said “boarding now?” as they began to make the announcements. He knew we had to wait our turn and once they called our number we had to get moving.

These little observations that he’s been making as we travel go a long way to a smoother trip. Our older son knows to watch the seatbelt sign and never tries to get up or take his seatbelt off when it is on. He doesn’t complain if he can’t get up, he understands that’s part of traveling. We’re working on getting our younger son to understand this too but he’s a little ways off. I am looking forward to when he he gets it though! Getting rid of that battle will be awesome!

One thing I try to remember is practice makes perfect and I’m willing to practice as long as it takes!!

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We love traveling with our kids. People have said, and I'm sure you've heard it before, once you have kids you can kiss traveling goodbye. There is no reason to do that! Traveling with kids can be the most rewarding experience. Experiencing different cultures, food and rituals as a family can bring you together, provide a learning experience and be a lot of fun.

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