An Unexpected Surprise…

There are a number of things that can surprise you when you’re traveling – not all of them good – but when my husband and I recently lost a combined 110 pounds thanks to the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris, we were surprised at the changes we experienced while traveling. I never thought of myself as obese (though the Wii says otherwise) and I have always been strong, haven’t had any trouble climbing 160 steps to the top of a tower (or no more than anyone else did!) and I traveled “comfortably”.

Before the Weight Loss - Traveling to Ireland

Well, I thought I was comfortable… now that I’ve lost 54 pounds, turns out that it is possible to travel even more comfortably than I was before. I no longer have lap children – we have to buy their seats – but that doesn’t mean they sit in their seats the entire flight. The leaner me fits into my seat better, with room to spare on either side, can keep a child on my lap without feeling like they’re being crowded into the seat in front of us, and I just feel better.

Not only that, I can still walk up 160 stairs without getting more tired than the next person, fit in the small curving staircase a bit better AND can accomplish it while carrying or wearing a child.

Our clothes are smaller so they take up less space in the suitcase, enabling me to pack even LESS!! Which you all know, it is a goal of mine to pack less every time we travel.

What a surprise, I never thought something as small as losing some weight could make such a huge difference.

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We love traveling with our kids. People have said, and I'm sure you've heard it before, once you have kids you can kiss traveling goodbye. There is no reason to do that! Traveling with kids can be the most rewarding experience. Experiencing different cultures, food and rituals as a family can bring you together, provide a learning experience and be a lot of fun.

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  1. You guys look absolutely fabulous. Keep posting!!! I love reading your blog, especially today when I’m trying to find motivation (weird I know) to pack for vacay. :-)

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